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All you need to know about the Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escort Agency
Nottingham Escort Agency Midlands Maidens

FAQ Section – All about the Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escort Agency

the leading supplier of escorts in Nottingham since 2006

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escort Agency has supplied escorts in Nottingham since 2006…

This makes us one of the longest working escort agencies in the local area.

We have a commitment to both our clients and girls that lifts us above any other local service provider…

as we like to give everyone concerned the best experience possible in this industry.

Sure we might LOOK more expensive than anywhere else…

You can be sure though that we have a different concept about our way of working…

Everything quoted on the phone, from both the office staff and the girls, is 100% accurate.

You will not be ‘stung’ for those little ‘extras’ that you’ll find elsewhere…

All costs are all-inclusive at the Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escort Agency.

There is nothing so rare as an ex-Midlands Maiden, as our girls adore working for us.

Likewise, there is nothing so rare as an ex-Midlands Maidens client.

We have NEVER had a poor review about us since we started up, all those years ago.

We have added a few of the main enquiries asked by clients to this page.

 Keep reading and find out more about our ethics and viewpoints.

If you like what you’ve read, we’ll look forward to meeting you soon!

Happy Bookings x x x

The Main Questions Asked by Clients

How do I make a booking with Midlands Maidens?

The easiest way to make a booking with the Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escort Agency is to call by phone, on 07983-910-208. We will then be able to tell you who is out, about and working at that time, and arrange for the girl to contact you.
We also accept email enquiries. For good reason though, these are better suited to advance bookings as these may not be seen until the next day.

Your phone call to Midlands Maidens

Unlike every other provider or independent that we ourselves have sampled, your phone-call to the Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escort Agency is all about prioritising and will be personal to you.

If you ring from an open number, you will be greeted with ‘hello, Midlands Maidens’, – you know, like proper businesses do.

There will be none of this ‘Hullo’, Whatya sayin’, or ‘Huh’, like with other providers – unless we get a call from a with-held number.

We will then go on to your choice of escort, and finally, we will get her to call you back with the same courtesy.

Who is available tonight?

Good question!
You may also ask – ‘how long is a ball of string?’
The point is, Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts have NEVER gone with the idea of ‘work rotas’. We leave all that to Asda, and to those agencies that pretend they can work with rotas.
The best way to find out who’s out, about and available is to give us a call on 07983-910-208 and ask us!

How long will it take my girl to arrive?

On average, it will take anywhere up to an hour from the girl’s phone call to you. She would then need to prepare and reach your location. By request, we would keep you informed of her estimated time of arrival.
Sometimes a client will tell us that one full hour is too long to wait, and can we make it in 10/20/30 minutes? In this case, we would need to cancel the appointment. We’d refer you to an establishment of lower class that doesn’t mind working to curfews.

Where can I meet my girl?

There are a couple of options here, Outcalls and Incalls.
Outcalls are by far the simplest option and consist of a girl coming over to you for an appointment. This type of appointment is available 24 hours a day to all clients, couples and groups.
Incalls have a few restrictions placed on them. They are available to all REGULAR clients from 12 pm to 10 pm.
An UNKNOWN client, however, will NOT get an incall until they’ve used us previously in an outcall scenario.
Also, incalls are restricted to ONE-ON-ONE BOOKINGS ONLY. Any more clients or girls, either way, would constitute a legal offence. The incall facility would then become a brothel.

Why are you guys so bloody expensive?

The simple answer to this one is – we’re not really that expensive.
In fact, when you pull off the covers and actually work out what you’re paying for, we’re often the cheapest option.
Ask any of our regular clients who have come over to us from other providers!
Other providers, both independent and agencies, will mask their true prices.
‘Astounding rates’ at anywhere between sub-£100 offers up to £140/£150 for the first hour are the norm here.
Once you’re in there though, you’re snared. The prices for transport and services go through the roof.
At least one provider makes threats that you MUST pay up or we’ll tell your neighbours. Or break your legs. (or similar unpleasantries).
In those cases where you MUST grab a quick shag for £50, we would suggest going to Forest Road. Make use of Foxy Florence with the False Tits and Teeth for your pleasures.
Hey, at least those girls are honest(ish) about what level of service you’re going to get!
For a more relaxed and un-rushed elite experience, try a Midlands Maidens experience.
We tell you the TRUE price inclusive of transport and services, and for a local appointment, there are no ‘extras’ to pay for!

Which services are included?

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts are unique. We publicise a complete list of ‘services’ that each girl is happy about doing.
No doubt you will have been on other providers’ websites where all the girls are lesbians who take it up the arse.
Midlands Maidens is different. Each girl’s profile has a dropdown section – ‘Services’ – which shows all the services that each girl is happy with. If the girl is NOT a bisexual lesbian, or DOESN’T take it up the arse, find a profile that offers these services.
In answer to the original question – ALL services that the girl is happy with are all inclusive!

How much are the travel costs?

Travelling costs for all girls working at Midlands Maidens are in our all-inclusive pricing scale. They are free.
There will be an extra charge for an outcall visit if you are more than 15 miles from a girl’s home location. This is to help with her costs. All this will be explained in your initial call to the office so you won’t have an outrageous bill.

What is an 'all inclusive' pricing policy?

This sets Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts Agency above and beyond the rest.
This includes local travel (within 15 miles).
Also, each girl’s profile contains is a list of ‘services’ that they offer. Unlike other independents or agencies, these are all included in the basic price that you pay.
This makes Midlands Maidens one of the most cost-effective agencies in the UK.
You might also wish to read our post about ‘All Inclusive, What Does it Mean?‘ from the blog.

Are your prices negotiable?

No, not at all.
Unlike other agencies, all prices are set out by the girls themselves. Midlands Maidens holds sway on the insistence that all prices are all-inclusive.
We did at one time offer a ‘like by like match’ offer. All the girls would charge the ‘better offer’ found at another provider’s website. They could then charge cab fares, like the other provider. They could charge for extra services, like the other provider. They could leave after ‘one-shot’ like at the other provider.
Clients are not dumb, and the Midlands Maidens all-inclusive rates continued.

Do you allow booking extensions?

Of course we do! It gives a buzz when a client realises that the choice he made was an excellent one!
If the girl has half-an-hour or less of her appointment with you left, we will be taking follow-on bookings for her.
In these cases, the new client WILL take preference over any existing appointment.
Placing an extension is easy. Tell the girl to get in touch with the office and confirm at least 30 minutes before your appointment is due to end.

I'm tempted, so how do I pay?

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts Agency offers three ways to pay. By cash, by internet bank transfer, or by credit/debit card.
BY CASH – All girls will accept cash as a form of payment. You should have your fee ready and pay within 10 minutes of the appointment starting. You can let the good times roll!
INTERNET BANK TRANSFER – All girls will accept internet bank transfers as a form of payment. The fees though must be paid in advance. You might have seen concerns raised that this form of payment is a scam. Often with more dubious providers we would agree with you. A few quid in a ‘hit’ though is no good to anyone, especially for an agency that revels in repeat custom. We have many clients that prefer this method of payment. it would appear that Midlands Maidens yet again defy the odds in our honesty and integrity.
CREDIT/DEBIT CARD – Most girls will accept a credit/debit card payment. Fees again must be made in advance of the appointment. Verification of cards runs through our fraud prevention system. There is a 10% handling charge on this, which is out of our hands due to the system. Wait for your girl to give you a call. If you wanted to take advantage of our credit/debit card billing, give us a call back at the office. We will get everything running as smoothly as possible.

You guys sound cool, are there any positions available?

There are always positions available at the Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escort Agency. if you are the right type of girl, you could be the next client’s fantasy!

We specialise in girls that want a genuine career in the escorting industry. You shouldn’t be afraid to be popping here and there at stupid o’clock. You should ideally also be about for weekend work.

You will be able to choose your own working hours, as many or as few as you wanted. We don’t hold with ‘working rotas’.


You will get preference over those girls that are up themselves.

For example:
Girls that can only work a couple of hours every other Thursday morning.
Girls that have their periods every Saturday, then fuck off out on the razz.
Girls that insist on going out on the razzle at weekends as that’s the only time their friends can make it.
Girls that use ‘selective hearing’ when their phone rings.
Girls that become ‘incognito’ when they reckon they’ve earned enough tonight.
Girls that moan like fuck when they’re taken off for the above examples.

We want genuine career oriented girls. Girls that can drop everything at a moments notice as a client wishes to see them. Girls that aren’t afraid to be rewarded financially for their services. Regular clients can appear at any time and Midlands Maidens revels in repeat custom!

Do you reckon that you could give the industry a fair crack of the whip? Visit our ESCORT JOBS page now and fill in an application. We’ll look forward to meeting you soon!

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