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Grace Of God
For the Grace of God
We set out on an impromptu interview yesterday (Friday), and by the Grace of God it sure reaped huge dividends for all concerned.
Truth Or Consequences
Truth or Consequences
Truth or consequences, reasons why it's vital for a service provider to keep clients in the loop, and what happens when one of the staff lets them down.
Newest Member Of Our Team?
Newest Member of our Team?
In the run-up towards Christmas, we present our last recruitment drive of the year to find the newest member of our team.
Latest Petite Girl
Latest Petite Girl
It's official now as the photos have been sent over, and our latest petite girl is online with a really stunning set of portfolio photos.
Lollicon Girls
Lollicon Girls
There is nothing so rare as a genuine lollicon girl, and Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts are proud to say we've now got a lollicon girl on our books.
Latina Excellence
We were wondering how to handle a Latina girl at the latest interview, as this was something we'd never come across since we opened back in 2006.
New Girls Go
New Girls, Where Did They Go?
We're guessing that by now, you'll have noticed that both Anna and Layla, the 'new girls', have both been taken off the website.
Time-wasters Post
Time-wasters From Both Sides
Time-wasters from both sides - We've got bees in our bonnets today regarding time-wasters from both sides of the fence - clients AND applicants.
Attitudes Of Indians
Attitudes of Indians
A post that perfectly encapsulates why clients don't want to see them due to poor attitudes, and why we are reluctant to even offer them an interview.
A Very British Brothel
Very British Brothel
We've got a pretty accurate documentary to show you this time called 'A Very British Brothel' which concentrates on a massage parlour in Sheffield
High Class Call Girls
High Class Call Girls
We've got a couple of curated posts in this latest feature on High Class Call Girls, plus a full-length video at the end.
New Toys - Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts
New Toys to Play With
Ok, so we got new toys - so why aren't the girls using them in our lead image? This latest Statistics post will reveal all!
Quick Cash
Quick Cash – Any Takers?
With Christmas just around the corner, getting a surplus of quick cash is a priority for most people. Become an escort with Midlands Maidens!
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