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More Toys
More Toys (+18)
We've had to throw the Age Gate onto this post about more toys as it gets rather indecent towards the end. Here's what's been added to the website!
Maryjane Revisited
Maryjane Revisited
It was pointed out the other day that one of our blog posts lies head and shoulders above the rest, which is why we now post Maryjane Revisited!
Virtual Sex With Lelu Love
Virtual Sex With Lelu Love
We've had a few enquiries this week as to what exactly 'Virtual Sex' is. Rather than us explaining, we'll go over to Lelu Love who is an expert!
This time in Room 101, we're showing a run of FOUR videos that have 'competitions' as their theme. This is not for the squeamish or faint-hearted!
Headspin - Butcher Babies
We're introducing you to the Butcher Babies this time in the Music Box, performing 'Headspin' from their latest album 'Lilith'.
Maryjane Auryn
Maryjane Auryn
We're featuring a superb self shot smartphone video this time on Room 101 starring the multiple orgasm loving Maryjane Auryn.
Sakura Sakurada
Sakura Sakurada
There's nothing like a Scrabble-type name to announce a Japanese porn-star, and for this Room 101 post, we introduce you to Sakura Sakurada
Menage A Trois
Ménage à Trois
We go into the deep, dark world of apocalyptic folk music and snuff movies with Menage à Trois from Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio in the Music Box.
Important Messages Blog Post
Important Messages
We've been busy arranging things, both off-site and on-site this week, and here are a few important messages that everyone should be aware of.
2 Girls 1 Cup
2 Girls 1 Cup and Beyond
There's no two ways about it - the content in this 2 Girls 1 Cup post is NOT for the squeamish and was rated on the amount of gasps from our girls.
Jailbait Search
Jailbait Search Terms
Just lately as can be seen on the Statistics page, we've been getting a lot of Jailbait search terms, many disguised in the Russian language.
A devastatingly wonderful piece of NSFW video this time in the Music Box c/o Hoops by William Belli, which shows girls can have just as much fun as boys!
Hand Domination Amber Rayne
Hand Domination
After letting the PFVF feeds take over for a while, we resume our Room 101 section with a medley of Hand Domination videos.
Female Orgasm
Female Orgasm
We've got something rather special for all you fetish fans this time - that mysterious thing we've all heard about known as the Female Orgasm.
Dirty Princess
Dirty Princess – Vigilan
Dirty Princess are an electro-disco-punk band from Madrid - or at least they were until their break-up in 2015 through 'personal differences'.
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