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Reliability Blog Post Lead Image
Reliability Girls
Due to a massive swathe of appointments coming in, we need girls with proven reliability to bolster up our ranks at Midlands Maidens.
Hiring Now!
Hiring NOW!
It's been a while since we announced that we were hiring now, but with the CVLockdown going in ever-decreasing circles, it's time to get back in the saddle.
Victoria And Samantha 2 New Maidens
2 New Maidens
What's this? A new Secret Diary Post? Indeed it is, and it's to announce our latest 2 new maidens that we met up with a couple of days ago.
Your New Career
Recruitment Drive 2020
Welcome to the Midlands Maidens Recruitment Drive 2020, where we try to give money away to girls wanting a career in the escorting industry.
Decimation Pt2
Decimation Pt2
With the Christmas period now having relented, we move our priorities towards those girls that are perpetually un-available with Decimation Pt2.
It Begins
It Begins
Well we warned that our Decimation Project was about to rear it's head again and it begins this time with a couple of long standing girls.
What We Need
What We Need
With our latest decimation project due to kick in, here's 'what we need' if you're thinking of applying to be a staff member.
Grace Of God
For the Grace of God
We set out on an impromptu interview yesterday (Friday), and by the Grace of God it sure reaped huge dividends for all concerned.
Truth Or Consequences
Truth or Consequences
Truth or consequences, reasons why it's vital for a service provider to keep clients in the loop, and what happens when one of the staff lets them down.
Newest Member Of Our Team?
Newest Member of our Team?
In the run-up towards Christmas, we present our last recruitment drive of the year to find the newest member of our team.
Rant Rave
Rant Rave
We're having a rant rave session today at Midlands Maidens. Multiple things have got up our noses, and here is a selection of them.
Latest Petite Girl
Latest Petite Girl
It's official now as the photos have been sent over, and our latest petite girl is online with a really stunning set of portfolio photos.
Interview With The Vampire
Interview With the Vampire
We've been working on this for a few weeks now and it's finally ready. Welcome to our own take on the Interview With the Vampire!
Girl With The Far Away Eyes
Girl With the Far Away Eyes
Our latest post concerns the 'girl with the far away eyes', who on paper looked immaculate but in reality threw it all away within one minute.
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