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Blow Up
Blow Up
Visitors to the website on certain browsers might have noticed that we had a bit of a blow up yesterday, which needed rectifying immediately.
Service Re-rack
Service Re-Rack
Over the last couple of days, we've been alerted to a couple of website features that had stopped working, so we've had to perform a service re-rack.
Interview With The Vampire
Interview With the Vampire
We've been working on this for a few weeks now and it's finally ready. Welcome to our own take on the Interview With the Vampire!
In our latest search results - 'escort girls for sex without protection in nottingham' - or 'barebacking' as it's known within the industry.
Price Match
Price Match
It gets really annoying when people try to compare prices, even though we're an all inclusive agency. For those people we re-introduce the PRICE MATCH.
Phones Are Now Back On
Phones are Now Back On
Customers last night will have been disappointed to get a 'Number Unobtainable' tone but the phones are now back on for the leading agency in Nottingham.
Attack Spikes
Attack Spikes
Another 'techie' post this time, all to do with attack spikes and their various sources, and our simple remedy to combat them.
Youtube Broadcasting
YouTube Broadcasting
No sooner than we found a 'text-to-speech' software, along comes another lovely piece of kit - software for YouTube broadcasting for blog posts.
Text-to-Speech at Midlands Maidens
We've decided to try out a text-to-speech option for the website, and after 'listening' to a few pages, our first impressions of it are pretty good!
Jailbait Search
Jailbait Search Terms
Just lately as can be seen on the Statistics page, we've been getting a lot of Jailbait search terms, many disguised in the Russian language.
You'll find a few changes in the website layout from today as we get on with our spring cleaning and remove some of the non-performing pages.
Holiday Offers At Midlands Maidens
Holiday Offers at Midlands Maidens
We've decided to deviate slightly from our normal holiday offers by sending this one out one day later than usual due to pay-day arriving later.
Bank Holiday Offers
Bank Holiday Offers
We thought we'd throw some Bank Holiday offers in your direction so that you can celebrate the May Day weekend with Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts
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