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Two Lines
Two Lines Equals Full Swap
Cool name for the post title, but two lines of what? Coke? Rounds of shots? No - this involves two lines of coding that swaps out a URL.
We Are Open
We Are OPEN!
It's been a tough few weeks/months for everyone in this industry, but unlike many providers doing it on the sly, we're proudly announcing that we are open!
Sexy 404
Sexy 404 Pages
It's a well-known fact (amongst webmasters) that a 404 page is essential for a website's inner workings. Welcome then to the Midlands Maidens Sexy 404 page!
Rocket Your Website
Rocket Your Website
We've just received a message from WPRocket that will enable any webmaster to rocket your website at a discounted price. Read on for full details:
Exemption Certificates Lead
Exemption Certificates 101
Since we are taking no appointments without exemption certificates during COVID-19 restrictions, here's a quick 101 on how to get them.
Wifi Calling
WiFi Calling
WiFi calling is a feature found on most new smartphones, that enables you to call from areas where there is no normal phone signal.
Corona Virus Hoax
Corona Virus Hoax?
By now, everyone that hasn't been in a deep sleep for the past year will know about COVID-19. We are now calling this out as the Corona Virus Hoax.
Corona Virus
Corona Virus
Evermore staying up to date, Midlands Maidens will be applying restrictions to girls and clients that show symptoms of Corona Virus.
Image Scams
Image Scams pt2
I was told years ago by my mum that 'if somethings worth doing, do it well!' With that in mind, here's Louise again with her image scams continuation.
Local Image Scams
This post was accidental, as going through the interviewees with 'Image Search', Louise found many local image scams that people are still falling for.
Escort Dating Robberies
Escort Dating Robberies
Just one month after Christmas and we found the following court case on escort dating robberies, first posted on 25th of January 2020:
Christmas Opening 2019
Christmas Opening 2019
We'd like to announce our hours for Christmas opening 2019 and there's a little bonus in there by way of a Christmas present to you!
Becoming A Regular
Becoming a Regular
We've dedicated this post to those of you who were wondering how becoming a regular client is a real bonus at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts.
Smaller Image Sizes Reduced
Smaller Image Using Short Pixel
Just in time for the seasonal rush, we've now got a way to use smaller image sizes with no difference to the full image. Webmasters read on...
Truth Or Consequences
Truth or Consequences
Truth or consequences, reasons why it's vital for a service provider to keep clients in the loop, and what happens when one of the staff lets them down.
Trending Topics
Trending Topics
After a marathon coding session, we are now able to offer you a 'Trending Topics' section on both mobile and PC versions of the website.
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