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This Womans Work
This Womans Work
It's back to the dystopian state of Gilead for this Music Box post, titled 'This Womans Work' as a homage to the wonderful scriptwriting and soundtrack.
Two Lines
Two Lines Equals Full Swap
Cool name for the post title, but two lines of what? Coke? Rounds of shots? No - this involves two lines of coding that swaps out a URL.
Reliability Blog Post Lead Image
Reliability Girls
Due to a massive swathe of appointments coming in, we need girls with proven reliability to bolster up our ranks at Midlands Maidens.
We Are Open
We Are OPEN!
It's been a tough few weeks/months for everyone in this industry, but unlike many providers doing it on the sly, we're proudly announcing that we are open!
System Of A Design
System of a Design
Here's what we've been working on during the last week then, accompanied by some apt music we present our new System of a Design!
The Joy Of Analytics
The Joy of Analytics
We really HATE using Google Analytics as you need a PhD to use it. Find out how we overcame this, and how the joy of analytics came to Midlands Maidens.
Looks like we dropped a bit of a clanger in the 'improvements' on adding one of the two new toys earlier this week: find out why we were going whoops!
More Toys
More Toys (+18)
We've had to throw the Age Gate onto this post about more toys as it gets rather indecent towards the end. Here's what's been added to the website!
Rocket Your Website
Rocket Your Website
We've just received a message from WPRocket that will enable any webmaster to rocket your website at a discounted price. Read on for full details:
Maryjane Revisited
Maryjane Revisited
It was pointed out the other day that one of our blog posts lies head and shoulders above the rest, which is why we now post Maryjane Revisited!
Browser Resizing
Browser Resizing
Our latest preloader is optimised for mobile phones. Here's how to view it properly on a pc by using simple browser resizing.
Baby Wind-Up 3 Nearly 6
Baby Wind-Up 3 Nearly 6
We're still getting many calls, but this one had us cracking up. Meet the baby wind-up who wanted a Superman story read by Wonder Woman:
Virtual Sex With Lelu Love
Virtual Sex With Lelu Love
We've had a few enquiries this week as to what exactly 'Virtual Sex' is. Rather than us explaining, we'll go over to Lelu Love who is an expert!
Sexting Sex Chat Videocalls
Sexting, Sex Chat, VideoCalls
Due to the UK Lockdown, we've been swayed with introducing sexting, sex chat, videocalls into the website. Thing is though, this might be the missing link!
Wifi Calling
WiFi Calling
WiFi calling is a feature found on most new smartphones, that enables you to call from areas where there is no normal phone signal.
Corona Virus Hoax
Corona Virus Hoax?
By now, everyone that hasn't been in a deep sleep for the past year will know about COVID-19. We are now calling this out as the Corona Virus Hoax.
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